2017 Election Endorsements

Last updated January 13, 2018

Golden Good Government League (3GL) Board of Directors seeks to promote good representative government for the City of Golden by recruiting and promoting high quality candidates for Golden City Council. For this election cycle, 3GL conducted 45 minute interviews with all the candidates running for City Council, discussing with each a set series of questions. We were impressed by the high quality and number of candidates who have come forward to run for office this year. It was, indeed, an impressive field.

We discussed the viewpoints and qualifications of each of the Ward candidates and were pleased to make the following endorsements for the 2017 Councilor election:

Ward 1

The 3GL Board of Directors endorsed Rob Reed for the Ward 1 City Council seat. Each Ward 1 candidate is thoughtful and would champion preservation of downtown character, but we feel that Rob Reed brought a greater depth of familiarity and experience with the issues Golden faces and with city government in general. Rob has an understanding of growth concerns based on long-term residence in Golden and direct involvement in downtown development issues. Rob believes that more density could lead to loss of community character and that neighborhoods should have a strong voice in density increase issues.

Ward 2

The 3GL Board of Directors endorsed Paul Haseman for the Ward 2 City Council seat. Four strong candidates are running for this Council seat, all well qualified and all with similar positions on affordable housing, growth and preservation of Golden’s character. 3GL felt that Paul Haseman is the best prepared candidate and will bring strong, specific positions to Council based on his experience and understanding of Golden and its institutions. In regard to preserving Golden character, Paul has specifically mentioned concerns about limiting downtown density and building height, proliferation of rental properties, number of unrelated adults in R1 zone district, and that downzoning might be appropriate in some situations.  

Ward 3

The 3GL Board of Directors endorsed Jim Dale for the Ward 3 City Council seat. Jim brings great experience at both the City and County level and is dedicated to achieving what is best for Golden. He will be a strong, outspoken presence on Golden City Council.

Ward 4

The 3GL Board of Directors endorsed incumbent Councilor Laura Weinberg for the Ward 4 City Council seat. Laura has a solid understanding of City operations, has served on the Parks and Recreation Board, and has been a champion for setting reasonable fiscal priorities. She is active in regional and national governance organizations and pursues solutions to growth and housing issues at those levels. Golden needs to benefit from Laura’s experience on Council by re-electing her to another term.  


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